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MarScape 2030 Major Features of Mars


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Feature Listing

Argyre – Large valley in southern hemisphere

Chryse – A secluded valley in the northern hemisphere

Chryse Base – First US/NASA base located in Chryse

Elysium – Extreme peak in northern hemisphere

Hellas – Large valley in southern hemisphere

Isisdis Base – First base on Mars located in the Gulf of Sirte (since annexed by Biotechnica)

Olympus Mons – Volcanic Mesa

Syrtis Major – A semi-secluded valley or gulf in the Martian surface

Tharsis - A region with extremely high peaks in it.

Utopia – Broad plain in northern hemisphere

Valles Marineris – Deep canyon in the Martian surface


Phobos – Innermost moon of Mars

Deimos – Moon of Mars. Both of the satellites are deformed and resemble asteroids.


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    Most of the Martian terrain is uneven and broken ground. Mars is about half the diameter of earth, but this is mitigated by the fact that there is no water on the surface (Mars has about 30% of the surface of Earth and Earth’s surface is covered about 70% with water, so they compare favorably). The air pressure is almost vacuum-like (the majority of the air is CO2), but this is compensated by the massive winds that can rack the planet. The average temperature is fully 75° C (135° F) lower than the same region on Earth. Gravity is about 40% of Earth’s, this brings it own complications. It is important to understand that it is not red on Mars (it is an atmospheric effect that reddens up Mars from Earth), it is similar to normal desert conditions (Grand Canyon, Montana or West Texas compare favorably to Martian conditions including terrain and the colors you would see). There are dunes and drifts and because of the difference in gravity, the ground is not hard packed (more like desert in composition as well). The key difference between Earth and Martian terrain is the preponderance of craters.

  Each pixel of the world map is about 30 km (about 20 miles) wide. And the hexes on the political map are 2100 km (about 1300 miles) a side. And is occupied by one main base and maybe two or three outlying bases.


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