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Martian Politics


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Minor Factions

  Colonialist – This political group is still loyal to the original Mars Colonial Government. No single faction completely embraces Colonialism. Nevertheless, there are Colonialists in almost every colony

            Example: John Hailey (Scientist) John was a member of the research team of the second NASA/JAB mission. He was never a member of the MCG, but felt that the leaders of the MCG were enlightened rulers.

  Criminals – Many criminals seek the colonies as an escape from Earth authorities and others seek the Martian wilderness to escape Martian authorities. These dangerous people are desperate to survive and avoid detection

            Example: “Blade” Torrez (Solo) Blade was a hit man for EBM, when things got hairy on Earth she hitched a ride on a DSS. She is now an enforcer for a mob organization and a militia member for her colony.

            Example: Burroughs (Solo) Burroughs was a workganger who got a little too drunk one night. After his “accident”, he fled his colony to the Martian Wilderness. He has had to beg and steal to scrape by, his desperation may lead him to make even worse mistakes.

  Cults – Many cults have led their followers out of the colonies and into the Martian wilderness. While other cults live among the non-members of their colonies in secret. Either way the leaders of these cults have their own agendas and their followers will do everything in their power to fulfill that goal.

            Example: Red Dawn – Red Dawn is a cult of Martian Druids. They have taken the Druidic faith and have sworn to defend the Martian wilderness with their life.

            Example: Ma Ro Shi A N – This Japanese cult believes in seclusion and meditation. All members renounce their worldly possessions and go to a secluded area for deep meditation. Their leader has amassed quite a base of followers; his intentions are unknown at this time.

  Exiles – For various reasons, people have been exiled from their colonies. Some of these just settle into another colony while others just wander Mars.

            Example: Quimby (Tech) Quimby was caught selling black market cyberware, her punishment was exile. She now lives in the US colony where she is trying to rebuild her life.

            Example: Mandrake (Fixer) Mandrake was caught selling slaves in his home colony; he was exiled and now is attempting to setup an elaborate black market on Mars. His exact whereabouts are unknown at this time.

  Explorers – Some people just get the wanderlust and leave the relative safety of the colonies to explore Mars and its wilderness.

            Example: Columbus Jones (Nomad) Columbus just got tired of staring out the view ports of domes and vehicles and left one day. His still visits his Pack occasionally to let them know how he is doing and what he has found. His Pack always welcomes him back because he genuinely cares for their well-being.

  Hermits – Many spiritual people have left the crowded confines of the domed colonies to pursue their own philosophical and spiritual way. These hermits can be encountered in various areas across Mars.

            Example: Dohghen (Shaman) – Dohghen feels that Mars has an important lesson to teach its inhabitants. He is wandering Mars trying to learn what that lesson is.

  Homeless – Just outside every colony are areas of homeless occupation. Authorities work to minimize this, but there are always some homeless populations. These people are generally not dangerous, just desperate.

            Example: Darryl Williams (Tech) – Darryl was a welder for high-rise construction. When he lost his contract with his last employer, he could not find work. Now he lives in a solar tent outside the colony he helped build.

  Mercenaries – There are mercenary bands that are willing to fight for money, in these unsure times, there is no shortage of work for them.

            Example: Death from above – This group of mercenaries fight for money, their leader (Airwolf) is known as a ruthless fighter and has taken more than one “suicide mission”.

  Miners – Many independent miners have struck out to make their own fortune on Mars. Generally, they can be found in isolated areas. These people are nice, but they are very defensive about their stake and are not generally trusting of people found out in the wilderness of Mars.

            Example: Cassandra Gantry (Miner) – Cassandra has been prospecting Mars for six months now, she has been able to break even, but not make that big “score”. She has been looking for just the right site to mine, she will eventually succeed.

  “New” Governments – There are many calls for new governments. Some of these “New” Governments even start their own colonies. These governments are opposed by all major factions and will general be annexed if their colonies grow to any size.

            Example: New Argentina – Many Argentineans have left their original colonies to form New Argentina. They have been able to assemble a dome and get some mercenaries to defend them. Their colony exists on what is officially a Kiroshi colony. Kiroshi is already making plans to annex this colony.

  Nomads – Just as on Earth, there are dispossessed workers and military personnel who are without a home. The have left the “Static” lifestyle behind them and embraced the Nomad ways. It is harder to do out in the harsh environment of Mars, but is no more dangerous than Nomad life on Earth.

            Example: Pax Electronica – These are all factory technicians and operators who have had their jobs automated out from under them. They have gathered as a mutual defense/collective bargaining unit. They have survived for three months so far.

            Example: Sand Spiders – These ex-military personnel work together for survival and defense. They are harmless as long as they are not persecuted.

  Pirates – There are pirate bands across Mars. They raid convoys, air shipments and orbital landers. Most people will not survive a pirate incursion. Pirates steal for money, to supply themselves and for the black market. Their styles differ greatly, but the effect is always the same.

            Example: Julian’s Gang – Julian is a hard ass who has killed many a pilot for his cargo. The gang is feared by everyone in the shipping industry.

  Pro-OMEGA – OMEGAs feel that UMBER is the Mars Colonial Government with a new face. They feel that the UMBER administration supports some colonies better than they support others. OMEGAs do have radical viewpoints, but are not violent in nature. They feel that it will be political maneuvering that will enable their ideals to succeed on Mars.

            Example: Carla Morenha (Corp) – Carla lives in the Brazilian colony. However, she believes in the OMEGA faction and what it is trying to accomplish. She is not violent and is not planning a revolt. But would support colony leaders who were sympathetic to OMEGA.

  Pro-UMBER – UMBERs support the unity and stability proposed by the UMBER Charter. Colonies allied with UMBER are not 100% populated by UMBERs. In addition, there are UMBERs in non-UMBER colonies as well. These people are not fanatics, but instead support this ideal because of the promise of stability it represents.

            Example: Edward Glouchester (MedTech) – Edward is concerned about the safety of the colonists and believes that political stability will benefit everyone. He lives in the UK colony but supports all leaders and initiatives that are in line with the UMBER Charter.

  Refugees – Mars has many groups of refugees scattered across the countryside. These are people dispossessed from damaged domes, overrun by criminals and terrorists. Some are displaced because of their political/religious views. Either way they are looking for a home.

            Example: The US Urban revitalization Refugees – this group was dispossessed when a dome in the US colony was declared uninhabitable. They are just looking for a home.

  Scientists – There are researchers looking at every corner of Mars. Some via satellite surveillance, but others actually go out to the site to make a direct observation of their study subject.

            Example: Gunther Gottzend (Scientist) – Gunther is studying the southern hemisphere for sources of water. He has been in the Hellas area for some time. Arasaka has kept an eye on him, but has not felt the need to eject him from their space.

  Squatters – Across the entire Martian landscape, there are little Shantytowns filled with unofficial colonies. So far, their presence has been tolerated. They are generally peaceful, but will become guerilla soldiers if persecuted.

            Example: Tasha Miraya (Cop) – Tasha feels that the colonies are headed for a disaster and would rather take her chances with an independent group. She has been made the “Police Chief” of her little group, a responsibility she takes seriously.

  Union – The laborers of Mars have formed a Union. The Union’s power varies from colony to colony, but the workers generally get a good deal from their employers.

            Example: WorkGanger’s Union #1492 – This Union was formed as soon as there were over 100 workers in space. They have chapters in orbit, on the Moon and on Mars. They have negotiated that every colony will employ a minimum amount of laborers per colony.

  Warlords – There are small armies on Mars ready to invade to create their own city-state. These warlords fully think of themselves as generals and will ruthlessly pursue their own agenda.

            Example: Gen. Mark Rindquist (Solo) – Mark was a member of the SDF of the Isidis Base. When that base was annexed, he went into the Martian wilderness to start his own army. Since then, he has assembled a battalion of troops. His goal is yet unknown, but it is believed that whatever it is, he will accomplish it.

  Terrorists – People with the above beliefs that are fanatic enough to take radical action. They exist in the colonies and in the Martian wilderness and will do anything to advance their cause.

            Example: Omega squad – These terrorists are working to destroy the MCG and UMBER factions. They have used kidnapping, extortion and even suicide bombs to take every opportunity to oppose UMBER and its lackeys.

            Example: People’s Freedom Movement – This organization is the Refugees’ Guardian angels. They actively attack any group known to dispossess inhabitants of any colony.


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Gangs & Organized Crime

  Posers – Youth who have banded together to form a sort of surrogate family. The artificial structure imposed by the roles and parts played by each member.

            Example: The Band of the Silver Hand - These people look to emulate Johnny Silverhand (Their are some that mold themselves after various times in Johnny's life (e.g., Young, Old, Clean-cut, Ready-to-fight). Females of the band take the guise of his various girlfriends (including Alt).

            Example: Gazoo's - These posers get sculpted to be shorter and green. The members determine standing in the group by a contest of who has the best "Magic".

            Example: Mars90210 - Members take the role of various characters on an old vid. Even though the vid portrayed the characters as turbulent and restless, members follow an untold agreement that everything will be like it was before the "episode" began.

            Example: Party of Five - This is one of the easiest poser gangs to understand, until you get to close to them, they cannot accept anyone contaminating their artificial reality and will harshly and heavy-handedly persecute anyone who even accidentally reminds them that they are not the characters that they portray.

            Example: The Road Warriors - This group should probably go under the Nomad heading as well. Except for the fact that they are not nomads, they just emulate the various Nomads as portrayed on various vids.


  Boosters – This is sort of the young cyborg equivalent of warlords and their armies. Young people get cybered up and as they begin to slip into CyberPsychosis, they evolve into a group of like-minded individuals. Soon they can only see that might makes right and cyber is much mightier than meat.

            Example: Bloods - This is a group of boosters that adopted the name of a much maligned group of youths from this century

            Example: Chrome Lightning - The leadership of this gang is determined by a test of reflexes and a test of combat

            Example: Crips - This is a group of boosters that adopted the name of a much maligned group of youths from the 20th century

  Vigilantes – Groups of individuals united against crime and it's effects

            Example: Chrome Knights - This group of men fight to free their colony from crime

            Example: The Valkries - This group of women prowl their colony looking for trouble from the seedier side of the colonists.

  Mercs – These are gangs of guns for hire, there is a real stratification of Mercenaries (Mercenaries, Nomads, Merc Gangs). The different groups fill different roles. The Mercenaries provide an Ad Hoc fighting force, the Vet Nomads provide a check against unrestrained power, while Merc Gangs give misguided youth an outlet to vent their aggression.

            Example: Death From Above - This group of "Vets" provide firepower for a reasonable price

            Example: Task Force Zeta - This is a Merc gang that is very chromed.

  Yakuza – This is the Japanese Mafia. Their discipline is draconian and their methods are unrestricted by honor or tradition.

            Example: Dragon Clan Yakuza - This is a group of organized criminals who have had the most success with Gambling & Protection Rackets

            Example: Tiger Clan Yakuza - Prostitution & Black Marketeering have been the bread and butter of this group of criminals

  Mafia – The Mafia founded so many centuries ago is still alive and well.

            Example: Gambino Family - This crime family took their name from a famous Mafia from the last century. They mostly concentrate on Gambling & Prostitution

            Example: La Cosa Nostra - Protection & Drugs have kept this Mafia organization from extinction.

  Ninja – These organizations survive in many ways. Their Martial Art is always a source of mystery and income.

            Example: Iga Clan Ninja - Assassination is the classic role of the Iga Ninja, while Smuggling has been added to their retinue of successful activities.

            Example: Shadow Clan Ninja - Have infiltrated almost all of Mars, making their industry of Influence & Information very successful.

  Tong – Tong evolved from religious organizations devoted to protecting the communities they existed in, Unfortunately, they became corrupted from the inside long ago and have never turned back into the beneficial groups they once were.

            Example: Lotus Eater Tong - Slavery is a trade of this Tong while Drugs remains their staple

            Example: Q'ing Tong - This Tong organization use their strength to provide Influence for themselves and their allies & Prostitution as a source of income for their other operations.

  Chromers – Chromers are different from Boosters in two very significant ways:

    1) Chromers prefer the metal (not just any cyberware) to flesh

    2) The emphasis is on strength rather than speed

            Example: Messiah - This group of Chromers hang on the edge of suburbia (where most of their members reside) and raise cash for their enhancements any way they can.

            Example: Red Chrome Legion - Some believe that this is a group of Mercs impersonating a gang, others believe this is a Chromer gang that made a good score. Either way they are well outfitted and very aggressive.

  ChryoGang – These gangs obsess on technology. Usually you can survive an encounter with them if you are willing to trade some NuTech for safe passage.

            Example: NuPanzers - This gang is holed up in a warehouse and collect and tweak tech. They have worked on their "projects" so much, that they are not in real touch with reality.

            Example: Technomancers - This is like a Merc Gang that hires their tech and tech knowledge to finance their next "project".

  Triads – These gangs are just Chinese versions of the Mafia

            Example: Tang Clan Triads - This Triad gang exists due to their success in Slavery & Smuggling

            Example: Wu Triads - This gang can get any item or any fact to anyone, for the right price.

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