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MarScape 2030 Timeline


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            Tycho/Luna Colony founded *



            Construction of Crystal Palace Begun *



            Copernicus/Luna colony founded *



            First Corporate War *

            Construction of Crystal Palace Delayed as Orbital Air plunges resources into defense of Transworld against EBM *



            Euro-American Conflict runs for only a few weeks before ESA destroys many strategic U.S. offensive positions by hurling Luna rock via the Tycho massdriver *



            ESA/Sov Mars Mission departs *



            O誰eil One Construction begins *



            Crystal Palace Opened *

            ESA/Sov mission arrives on Mars *

            Construction of L-3 and L-4 colonies begins *



            O誰eil One completed *



            L-3 colony completed. Named Galileo Cylinder (O誰eil Two) *

            NASA Mars mission departs *



            L-4 colony completed. Named Paradise Station (O誰eil Three) *

            Second ESA/Sov Mars mission departs *

            ESA unmanned probe is sent to Jupiter *



            L-5 colony revolt *

            Spacers successfully repel ESA forces and announce independence *

            L-4 colony placed under martial law *

            NASA Mars mission arrives *



Second ESA/Sov Mars mission arrives *



            NASA痴 Chryse Base completed on Mars *



            First automated factories appear in orbit around Mars *

            O誰eil Two declares independent status *

            The 徹誰eil War between ESA and Spacers occurs, lasting approximately seven hours. Due to numbers, and inherent cooperation between workgangers and pilots, ESA is forced to rescind control of O誰eil Two. They retain Crystal Palace and L-4 (O誰eil Three) *

            ESA/Sov Isidis Base completed and a formal colonial government introduced *

            Isidis base tests new artificial gravity domes. They appear to be stable and safe and prevent muscular atrophy



            NASA begins regular flights to Mars, initially every 14 months *

            Prototype force fields tested in certain applications

            Major manned survey effort by NASA leaves for Jupiter *



            EEC/ESA colonial government annex Russian portions of Isidis Base, Russian immigrants flee to Chryse Base until USSR colony is livable



            Arrival of the NASA manned Jupiter mission *

            Joint JAB/NASA Saturn study set for launch *



            Orbital Air and WSN begin second Space Race. Corporations are enticed into making Mars colonies through competitive pricing and abundant space/resources.

            Mars Colonial Government oversee division of Martian soil to new colonies

            Spacers arrive in an effort to prevent the domination of their fellow colonies

            First inter-colony assembly called. Basic trade routes and supply of raw materials established

            UMBER forms and begins creating and strengthening political alliances



            Mars Colonial Government resists changes and acts placed and enforced by UMBER

            Mars Colonial Government creates road network connecting major colonies

            First terrorist act on Mars. Mars Colonial Government factory bombed by the 擢ree Mars Forever Terrorist organization

            First Mars War minor factions are subdued as major factions assert and defend their claims to territory.

            Mercenaries from first war begin hiring out to various colonies

            The now famous 的EC heist. Bandits make off with sizable quantity of Military hardware.



            Mars Colonial Government dissolved in face of apparent inability to protect Martian colonies.

            Second Inter-colony assembly called. Many trade routes are changed and many of the 登ld agreements are changed.

ESA/Sov, NASA & JAB claims all repudiated in assembly, these forces are so outnumbered (politically and militarily) as to be incapable of any resistance. They re given standard colonies under the title EEC, USSR, US & Japan. This act annexed many existing research stations to other factions. These scientists and their findings never return to their original organizations

            Earth-bound forces sent to protect colonies in light of the loss of the Colonial Government protection



            OMEGA forms in response to increasing UMBER meddling and rising taxes.

            Arms race begins with each faction arming to defend themselves against ever more powerful neighbors





* indicates that the material is from Deep Space ゥ R. Talsorian Games. Reference to this material is in no way intended as a challenge to that copyright or any other legal rights or benefits of R. Talsorian Games.

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